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security czar. the beauty of both of these proposals is that the technology in the infrastructure and system in the human capital of the gses would not be reset, that could form the basis of one of these securitize theirs to compete in the private capital market going forward. so i believe that there has been some consensus around a proposal that is feasible would work. one was issued by somebody who had an ax to. that is the mortgage association, but milstein coming from the treasury department come up or simply his view is what is best for the economy, but it's a very similar proposal in my estimation and i wish that we could move ahead with them being like this then you would be tremendous benefit icing for the taxpayers to get some usefulness out of this investment that they have made in the gses and keeping them together and functioning, to use the skeleton, to use the infrastructure and awaited that allows the taxpayer to get a benefit, to get some monetization of the investment that is then made over time. .. >> i have made my decision to leave freddie mac because i thought
agencies going against massive markets just tsai eight -- short of 700 trillion not even that technology and other wise but we have $200 million budget and it seems to me one of the big problems we have is to defund the agency's. you don't have the resources and neither does the cftc. i know you cannot say that so neat and will not ask you to comment but anybody who cares about the capital markets like tv diamond says he is should be advocating for more money for the agency's. you cannot do that. others can. leave aside your budget request and constraints come theoretically if it had the budget it needed what would that budget the? your term is coming to an end. [laughter] it would put in context of what you really need is people who care should focus. >> every year we do submit a budget we think we need to do the job. we frequently do not get that number because of the budget process. we are open and honest what we need to do if we don't get that what we will not be able to do. in my almost four years we have invested heavily and thin technology because that was in the dismal state but
to take out bad cases, but they need to be hitting targets, and it's not so much the technology. >> anybody else have a question or anybody want to answer the question. >> do you think we should fighting war against the terrorist at this point or should we not, and if you do, is the way we're going about it an effective way or a way to cause -- those are the two big questions. i happen to think that if you -- what i think al-qaeda's still a problem, i grant that it is a difficult political problem for a president to say we won, and it's over. if you say it prematurely, get attacked next week, that's the end of your presidency. it's going to be over before somebody says that. >> lick benghazi. >> it happened, you know? that was local militants, not al-qaeda from above, but people, lose distinctions quickly in terms of politics, but i think there's still a reason to use them now. i don't think we're at the point yet where there's no cost. there's no reason not to use it. you want to be careful about the incentive question that you're not treating it like a hammer and everything li
about china. it's one of the most revolutionary technologies of any time, cell phone. why is it relevant in there are supposedly 400 million cell phones in china. we're dealing with a mobilized population. they know what's going on. they know what is happening in their vote and the world. and from my discussions with senior officials in the country, they're feeling enormous public pressure. think of the impact on politics of the scandal. of seeing [inaudible] the son out cavorting abroad with various party girls, there's been several other high level scandal in the leadership that reinforced what i believe is a growing alienation of the society from the party leadership. and as the country enters its fifth generation leadership, which is about to proceed in a form away shortly after the election and play out early next year, this leadership really does face some very fundamental issues can they open up the political process and dealing with the very substantial measure of distrust in the population. so that situation will be exacerbated if economic growth slows, people will be put out of
to draw their own limits. do believe the proliferation of drone technology will compel the u.s. to have its own label justification to inform international debates? >> i have no idea what is classified at this point* and what is not. i am a bit constrained to get to that level of specifics. with those public legal justifications that seemed to be controversial activities, it is surpassingly ironic the obama administration basically a declassified all of the memos used to be called the torture memos. my name was on all of them. but it the program was over. we need transparency. the american people deserve to know. i am only speaking now as a private citizen. all i know now is what i read. but the above administrations is resisting making public the legal analysis why it is inconsistent to conduct the collections against an american citizen. there withholding that. i do not understand i guess is what i am saying. >> i will interrupt to ask a question i should have started with. this losses are raised many times today. between all of these abates we have come to a way to deal with the gray
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5